Developing the Young Workforce North Highland

Developing the Young Workforce North Highland

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Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2023 – Get Involved!


Unlocking Potential 

Scottish Apprenticeship Week shows the benefits work-based learning brings to people, businesses and the Scottish economy.

Apprentices across Scotland, from Shetland to the Borders, are learning first-hand from people who can do the job and applying their skills in the workplace every day.

Employers are investing in apprenticeships to adapt, develop and strengthen their businesses through new recruits and upskilling existing employees.

Apprenticeships are providing critical skills needed to support economic priorities and renewal, including Net Zero ambitions.

Scottish Apprenticeship Week is a time to highlight the support individuals and employers get to flourish through apprenticeships.

The campaign will help demonstrate that apprenticeships support sustained employment, upskilling and a productive economy. By getting involved in Scottish Apprenticeship Week you can help show how apprenticeships are unlocking potential across Scotland

Scottish Apprenticeship Week is the time to showcase how apprenticeships are unlocking potential in people and business to support local and national economies.

Everyone with a shared interest in apprenticeships can get behind the campaign. By sharing your positive stories, we can show the positive impact of apprenticeships.

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Share how apprenticeships are unlocking potential for your business:

• Encourage other employers to invest in apprentices.

• Use the week as a platform for apprenticeship recruitment.

• Tell others why apprenticeships are making a positive impact on your business.

• Recognise apprentices who are reaching their potential thanks to your apprenticeship programme.


Learning providers

Show how your work and support is unlocking potential in apprentices:

• Celebrate the achievements of your apprentices.

• Showcase the work you do to ensure apprentices succeed.

• Tell others about the benefits of work-based learning.



Tell others how apprenticeships are unlocking your potential:

• Encourage others to take an apprenticeship.

• Share your stories of achievement and success, thanks to work-based learning.

• Showcase what you do in your apprenticeship.