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Apprenticeship Opportunity: Water Treatment Modern Apprentice (April entry) – Scottish Water, Thurso


Start your career with a splash.

When you fill the kettle or turn on your shower, you probably don’t think about where that water came from. Or how it got to your house. Or whether it’s safe to drink. Or why it tastes so good.

But we do. In fact, it’s all we think about.

And we’re recruiting Scotland’s next generation of water specialists to join us this April.

What does a Water Treatment Modern Apprentice do?

You’ll be training to become a fully qualified Water Treatment Operator.

It’s a 4-year programme. You’ll learn everything you need to know about how we treat water so that Scotland continues to enjoy a safe and reliable supply of fresh water.

You can expect to learn things like:

  • How to effectively treat high volumes of water to make it safe
  • How to monitor assets like reservoirs and drainage systems
  • How to collect and test water samples
  • How to monitor and analyse readings from the meters and gauges on site and spot malfunctions
  • How to use the software, apps and technology we use to monitor the water supply
  • How to work in a way that keeps you and your colleagues safe and healthy.

A lot of your time will be spent outdoors. But in Scotland we all know that there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. So we’ll make sure you’re kitted out for whatever Mother Nature throws at us.

Once you’ve reached a certain point in your training, you’ll be included in our Out-of-Hours rota. That means you might occasionally be called into work outside your normal hours to investigate or fix a problem. You’ll earn some extra money each month for this, whether you’re called in or not.

What’s in it for you?

You’ll challenge and stretch yourself. We’re here to help you make the most of your skills and abilities with first-class training, support, and a big investment in your development.

You will qualify with an SVQ in Controlling Process Operations. From your 3rd year, you’ll get the option to do an HNC in Water Operations. And be supported through your qualification by trainers and assessors from our in-house Skills Academy..

Earn as you learn. You’ll start on £19,587, with increases throughout your training as you hit key milestones. You’ll also be eligible for an annual bonus. And you get a really great pension.

Job security. The vast majority of our apprentices choose to stay with us after they complete their programmes. And many people choose to spend their entire career with us!

Some go on to become team leaders or managers. Others focus on honing their technical expertise.

You’ll be providing an essential service to Scotland and your local community, and helping to protect our natural environment.

And the best bit? You’ll be working as part of a friendly, close-knit team that really wants to see you succeed. And who make coming into work fun.

What you’ll need

You need to be at least 17 years old by 1st April 2024

A responsible attitude to learning and work is essential. You’ll be someone people can trust and rely on.

Ideally you’ll have five National 4 or 5s (or similar). English, Maths and Science are particularly helpful, but they aren’t a dealbreaker

A driving licence would be useful – especially in some of our more remote locations – but we know that lessons and tests are expensive. If you haven’t had the chance to pass your test, we can provide support to help you get your licence during your first year with us.

A note to the ladies

Every year, more women are offered places on our apprenticeship programmes – and they’re thriving.

But despite our best efforts, women don’t apply for apprenticeships in the same numbers as men. Which means they are still under-represented in these sorts of roles. That’s something we would love to change.

So, to the ladies reading this, please don’t be deterred by stereotypes. Apprenticeships are for everybody. We’re looking for people who’d enjoy this kind of role. If that includes you, we absolutely want you to apply.

We have a strong network of women (and men!) across Scottish Water who will be there to support and encourage you every step of the way.

The not-so-small print

Closing date for applications: Sunday 21st January, 2024.

To apply for this position, please visit HERE.

There will be some fun (no, honestly!) online assessment activity during late January. Interviews will happen during February. And we’re aiming to get all the new Water Ops apprentices started on April 8th.

For more information on our apprentice programmes and applications please visit our website

A few final things worth knowing…

Research shows that some people avoid applying for jobs unless they can meet every single criteria. If you’re interested in this job, but don’t tick all the boxes, apply anyway! We hardly ever hire people who can do every part of a job from Day One. Everyone has a learning curve. So don’t rule yourself out!

Let us know if there are any changes we can make to our recruitment process to help you perform at your best. Lots of our people have disabilities or neurodiverse conditions (including some of our recruiters!). We’re also aware that some people might be experiencing temporary challenges because of life events, like menopause. We’re very used to making adjustments, so please don’t be afraid to ask.

As part of our commitment to developing a flourishing Scotland, it’s important that all our employees are Scottish taxpayers. If you join us, your home address will need to be in Scotland. If you don’t already live here, you’ll need to commit to moving here within your first three months.

Finally (finally!), candidates who haven’t submitted an application in the last 12 months will have their records removed from our recruitment database. You won’t need to do anything. Your data will be automatically deleted.

We’re here to help. Ask us anything at