Developing the Young Workforce North Highland

Developing the Young Workforce North Highland

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Launching on November 29th 2021, in partnership with Creative & Cultural Skills (CCSkills), Developing the Young
Workforce (DYW) and Historic Environment Scotland (HES), Discover! Creative Careers (Scotland) will shine a spotlight on the cultural heritage sector as well as other sub-sectors of the creative and cultural industries.

Discover! Creative Careers inspires, informs and supports students and young people interested in gaining an insight
into the roles that exist across the various sub-sectors of the UK’s creative and cultural industries. It helps young people and their teachers, parents/carers discover the range of jobs and routes in.

Our programmes provide meaningful online and in-person encounters with industry professionals and workplaces. They feature virtual and in-person tours of leading UK creative businesses, interviews with employees, experiential lesson resources and tools to navigate and raise awareness of the breadth and wealth of careers available.

Employers & Schools can download the toolkit to get involved here.