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Developing the Young Workforce North Highland

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Local organisations sponsor sail training placements as part of Tall Ships Races 2023

Caithness Chamber of Commerce press release

Ship: Roald Amundsen was built in 1952 in Roblau/Elbe as a NVA tank logger for the former GDR’s National People’s Army.

Adventure of a lifetime awaits, for young adults in the North Highlands. Local organisations sponsor sail training placements as part of Tall Ships Races 2023.

Scrabster Harbour Trust, Pentland Floating Offshore Wind Farm & Developing Young Workforce North Highland are sponsoring 9 placements for young adults aged 15-25 in Caithness and Sutherland to join the Tall Ships Races 2023, with Sail Training Shetland. With instruction in all aspects of sail training, the placements will see the participants join crews on board the tall ships for a life-changing experience. No previous experience is required.

There are two incredible adventures on offer, the first is a leisurely Cruise in Company from Fredrikstad, Norway, visiting guest harbours along the Norwegian and Scottish coast before arriving at Lerwick. The second is a livelier ocean race between Lerwick and Arendal in Norway.

Nicola Innes, Developing Young Workforce North Highland, commented: “The adventurous programme is designed to inspire self-confidence and teamwork, enabling participants to confront many demanding challenges, both physical and emotional. These are all skills and attributes which will enhance a young person’s employability and is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

“Not only will the trainees take part in all aspects of sail training, but the experience will help participants discover strengths and hidden talents. Being part of a crew on board a tall ship’s vessel during this international festival will be an experience like no other. We are so excited by the prospect of our local young people accessing this opportunity.”

Formed in early 2009, Sail Training Shetland is a registered Scottish Charity and is a collaboration between The Swan Trust, Lerwick Port Authority, and Shetland Tall Ships Limited, designed to inspire positive change through the adventure, challenge, and experience of Sail Training. The initiative supports social welfare for young people with the main object of increasing their prospects of obtaining paid employment, improving their conditions of life, and helping develop their physical and mental capacities.

The Tall Ships Races is due to return to Shetland between 26-29 July 2023, Sail Training Shetland has ambitious plans to place 75 sponsored trainees on various international tall ships taking part in the event. The legendary Tall Ships Races offers international fun, friendship, action-packed racing, and festival experiences. During their participation in a sail training adventure, trainees will have full opportunity to take part in any events organised by guest harbours or host ports.

Sandy Mackie, Trust Manager, Scrabster Harbour Trust, said: “Scrabster Harbour Trust is delighted to be sponsoring the sail training opportunities. We are pleased to assist local young individuals access adventure and challenge whilst developing new skills and talents.”

There are nine fully funded placements available for young adults in the North Highlands. One from DYW North Highland, three from Pentland Floating Offshore Wind Farm, and five from Scrabster Harbour Trust. Applicants must be 15 years of age on 1 July 2023, the start of The Tall Ships Races 2023 event series. The closing date for applications is the 31st of March 2023.

Richard Copeland, Project Director of Pentland Floating Offshore Wind Farm, said:

“We’re proud to be sponsoring three students on the Sail Training Shetland initiative this year, providing the younger generation with the opportunity to build their confidence and develop teamworking skills in an exciting new environment.

“Complementary to our proposed community benefit fund and annual STEM bursary awards, this sponsorship demonstrates our commitment to supporting the development of young people in the area and forms part of our effort to ensure the Caithness and Sutherland region benefits from the project.

“We look forward to meeting the students selected and hearing about their adventures on their return.”

Nicola Innes added “This is truly a fantastic opportunity for local young people to take part in something very special. We are delighted to be working in partnership with Scrabster Harbour Trust and Pentland Floating Offshore Wind Farm on the initiative. We are expecting a high level of interest, and placements are limited to nine for our area, so we encourage anyone interested to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Applications are now closed for the Sail Training placements.

Ship: Statsraad Lehmkuhl The class A sail training ship was built in 1914, is registered in Bergen, Norway.  Measuring a total length of 97.2 metres, including bowsprit, she is one of the largest tall ships in the fleet, with a well-established sail training programme which encourages trainees to learn and take part in all aspects of the ship’s day-to-day running.  Voyage: Cruise In Company – Fredrikstad, Norway to Lerwick, Shetland