Developing the Young Workforce North Highland

Developing the Young Workforce North Highland

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#NoWrongPath: Journey into Technology – Erin Shearsmith

Back in February I began a 12-week ScotGrad placement supported by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) with communications specialist 4MS Network Solutions, in which I comprised a strategic marketing audit and comprehensive plan, following which I was delighted to be offered a role as Marketing Analyst at 4MS alongside studying towards my Masters degree in Business. I had never considered a role within the  technology  sector before, having imagined it would require broad expertise of highly technical areas in which I was unfamiliar with.

Throughout the course of my Honours degree I had covered several different modules ranging from human resources to business accounting, with just one short introductory IT module in first year comprising of basic spreadsheet work. Thus, I entered the role at 4MS with little to no prior knowledge of technology, naturally nervous but eager to learn more about the industry.

Since my initial induction days with 4MS I have learnt a wealth of information about the technology industry from the function of cloud technology to the importance of cyber security. I have learnt that technology is a highly diverse sector with several roles and opportunities within it, allowing me to put into practice the skills of which I have gained throughout my studies. The support given to me by my colleagues at 4MS has been invaluable in my journey into the technology sector, helping to increase my understanding of topics that I had no prior understanding of.

I have also found the Cisco Partner learning resources to be very useful in introducing me to the many products offered by Cisco, with an abundance of informative materials to navigate through and enhance my understanding. Cisco’s Partner materials also include several blogs and articles detailing the latest industry trends which has further increased my awareness of technology’s fast-paced, ever-changing nature. The Meraki FIT course of which I completed was particularly beneficial, a short module with learning resources and tests to introduce me to the concept and benefits of Meraki Cloud-based technology, along with the Black Belt Academy modules.

4MS are passionate about contributing to the development of the young workforce in the rural North of Scotland, working closely with the University of the Highlands and Islands to provide opportunities within the region whilst promoting the technology sector of which holds key importance throughout the world. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity as it has really broadened my perspective of the diverse and constantly evolving technology industry, whilst allowing me to put into practice my academic strategic marketing knowledge. I am constantly learning critical business skills within my role and no two weeks are ever the same, technology enabling the flexibility to allow me to both work from home alongside the continuation of my studies.

A representative of 4MS Network Solutions said:

‘Developing the young workforce and providing opportunities for young people is something we have always done at 4MS.  It’s great to have young and enthusiastic people who bring energy and talent that benefits our clients, colleagues and partners.’