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Developing the Young Workforce North Highland

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Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2024 Case Study – Jenny Andrews, Caithness Chamber of Commerce

Scottish Apprenticeship Week stands as a nationwide celebration of apprenticeships, providing an opportunity for everyone to advocate the advantages of work-based learning to individuals, employers, and the broader community.

During Scottish Apprenticeship Week, the spotlight is directed towards the positive impacts of work-based learning on:

  • Individuals of diverse ages and backgrounds
  • Employers, regardless of their size
  • The overall economic landscape

Through DYW North Highland, we have pulled together case studies from local apprentices, showcasing their valuable advice and personal experiences.

Jenny Andrews, Caithness Chamber of Commerce

  1. What is the title of your Course/Apprenticeship? 

SVQ 3 in Business and Administration SCQF 6. 

  1. What is your Job title? 

I’ve recently changed from my former role as a ‘Business Administration Apprentice’ to the position of Business Administrator. 

  1. Why did you choose an Apprenticeship? 

I chose an Apprenticeship as it gave me the opportunity to pursue my studies while staying close to home. I gained invaluable work experience in the specific field I aspired to build a career in. 

  1. Is there any advice you would give to anyone considering an Apprenticeship? 

I would say go for it! An Apprenticeship provides a fantastic chance to gain valuable work experience and it will boost your confidence. Keep an eye out for any opportunities within your workplace to expand your skills. 

  1. What has been the highlight of your Apprenticeship? 

The highlights of my Apprenticeship include forming connections with the team and learning to adapt to the various responsibilities in my role. 

I’ve enjoyed being actively involved in supporting various events such as our ‘Caithness Jobs and How to Get Them’ Jobs Fair.  

  1. What are the next steps for you after your Apprenticeship? 

I am committed to pursuing my journey in Business Administration and am actively seeking studying opportunities to learn more.  

In the future, I plan to explore the possibility of a professional membership with the Chartered Association of Business Administrators.