Developing the Young Workforce North Highland

Developing the Young Workforce North Highland

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Scottish Water – 2021 Modern Apprentice Pre-registration

Scottish Water is built on people. The organisation are passionate about developing the potential of everyone in their team, making the most of your skills and abilities – and offering you every chance to progress with one of Scotland’s largest and most important businesses.

So why not join Scottish Water as an apprentice? you’ll be more than ‘just’ a part of the team who manage millions of litres of waste water produced by households across Scotland every day – you’ll be building a career that can take you in any number of directions.

Scottish Water have excellent opportunities for you to develop through their apprenticeship programmes. If you are interested in these opportunities you can register your interest now by completing the short application here (this will take around 5 minutes).

Full applications for the 2021 Modern Apprenticeship opportunities will be accepted from March. By pre-registering Scottish Water will contact you then to let you know how to apply.

If you would like to help create the Scottish Water of the Future then pre-register by midnight on Sunday 28th Feb 2021.