Developing the Young Workforce North Highland

Developing the Young Workforce North Highland

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Film Training Opportunity: The Festival of Politics 2023 – Scottish Youth Film Foundation, The Scottish Parliament

Applications are now closed. For further information, please contact the organisers directly.

A fantastic Film Training Opportunity for young people is now available though the Scottish Youth Film Foundation and The Scottish Parliament.

A group of 6 young people from across Scotland will come together to train in video journalism and TV broadcast. This will cultimate in broadcasting from the Festival of Politics at the Scottish Parliament.

Applications from any young person in Scotland between the ages of 17-21 will be considered! Ideal candidates will have a genuine interest in politics and media.

Accommodation in Edinburgh will be provided free of charge for both the 3-day training and for the Festival of Politics. A travel allowance will also be provided.

Selected participants will be expected to attend all of the following key dates in the schedule below:

  • 3 day Training Intensive, Locations: Edinburgh, 31st July – 3rd August 2023

31st July – Training and Filming

The participants will recieve creative training in telling engaging stories through film as well as intensive technical training (camera operation, sound recording, etc). We will look at news reports and short film pieces and identify how we can produce engaging, informative short films.

Film shoot practice.

Check in to accommodation (Destiny Student Holyrood – 31 Abbeyhill, Edinburgh EH8 8EH, UK)

1st August – Production

Each team will pick a story and produce a film in a day. This practical training will increase confidence with cameras, sound and editing. Films will be finished to a deadline.

2nd August – Practice Broadcast

Teams will work with the facilitators to devise a half hour show with interview guests and pre-recorded material. New pre-records should be produced and added to the work done in day 2. Day culminates in a live test broadcast.

3rd August – Check out of accommodation by 10am.

  • Festival of Politics – 8th August – 12th August 2023, Locations: Edinburgh – The Scottish Parliament Building

8th August – Arrive at accommodation from 3pm (Destiny Student Holyrood – 31 Abbeyhill, Edinburgh EH8 8EH, UK)

9th August- Festival Broadcast

10th August- Festival Broadcast

11th August- Festival Broadcast

12th August- Check out of accommodation by 10am

If you are interested in applying, please email Heather McMahon with the attached completed application form below.